Sewer Transmission Advisory Board


The Sewerage Transmission Advisory Board (STAB), upon the adoption of a resolution by the towns of Bedminster, Far Hills and Peapack-Gladstone, shall consist of one individual to serve on the Sewerage Transmission Advisory Board as designated by that resolution. Each year STAB will select one of its members to serve as Chairman. The purpose of STAB shall be to act as a liaison to the Operator for the Municipalities of the sewer pumping station and to provide direction to the Operator as required. Additional purposes of STAB shall be as follows:

  • Recommend solutions to problems that may be encountered relative to the construction and/or operation and maintenance of the Sanitary Sewer Transmission System. (SSTS)
  • Make recommendations as to how the SSTS could be improved.
  • Consider and make recommendations concerning problems encountered in the utilization of the Environmental Disposal Corporation (EDC) facility.
  • Make such other recommendations or comments which are related to the SSTS or the EDC facility as it shall deem appropriate.

Designated Representatives to STAB:

Name Current Term Expires
Mayor Lawrence Jacobs 12/31/2023
CM Douglas Stevinson 12/31/2023