Vision, Mission & Core Values

Vision Statement

To be a Police Department that, through the use of best professional practices and transparency, provides public safety and law enforcement services in a personal and dignified manner.

Mission Statement

The Bedminster Township Police Department is a dedicated group of professionals who are committed to working with the community to make Bedminster Township a safe and desirable place to live, work and visit. Our mission is to collaborate with the community to solve problems, enforce the law, and improve public safety in a manner that is fair, impartial, transparent, and consistent.

Core Values

Communication and Cooperation: We will be accessible to community members and interact in an open and friendly manner. We believe all members of the community must work together and share information in support of our mission. We will seek to understand and work with all members of the community in furtherance of our responsibilities.

Concern for Employees: Our employees are our greatest asset. We will strive to assist our employees with their personal and professional development.

Partnerships: We will work with all members of the community, public agencies and private organizations in order to improve the quality of life and address issues in Bedminster Township.

Professionalism: We will conduct ourselves in a professional manner consistent with our training at all times. We hold ourselves to the highest level of integrity and ethical standards. It is our responsibility to earn and build on the trust of the community. We will be honest and truthful at all times. We are committed to and will persistently strive for excellence.

Respect for all Citizens: We will maintain respect for individual civil and constitutional rights, human dignity, and cultural diversity and community values.

Training: We recognize that training is the foundation that supports the actions taken by employees in the community. We seek to provide all employees with the necessary training to effectively serve the community. Procedures, equipment and tactics consistently evolve. We will continuously train employees to stay current with contemporary policing practices.