Bedminster Village

The Sewer Utility assesses, collects and maintains sewer utility fees for properties within the service area known as "Bedminster Village".

Sewer utility bills are issued on an annual basis and are payable quarterly on 4/1, 6/1, 9/1 and 12/1. 
Payments can be made by mail to:
Bedminster Twp. Sewer Utility
One Miller Lane
Bedminster, NJ  07921
or in person at the Municipal Building. 

To pay your sewer bill please use the following link:

Click here: WIPP (

Bills are based on the previous year's water usage, as per New Jersey - American Water Company. Commercial users' rates are based on 12 month averages. Residential use is based only on winter usage (October to March) to avoid penalization for higher summer usage not entering the sewer system (i.e., washing cars, watering lawns, swimming pools, etc.).

Food service establishments must provide an annual grease interceptor certification to the Board of Health from a certified civil engineer. These are forwarded to the Township Engineer and Board of Health for review, and must be received no later than October 31st of each year.

For sewer fee questions, contact Adriana McKenna at (908) 212-7000, Ext. 433 or email [email protected].

For any other sewer utility issues please contact Kevin Murray at (908) 212-7000, Ext. 501 or email [email protected]