Bids and Requests for Proposals (RFP)

Trash Collection Container Rental and Hauling
Bid Released 6/22/23
Bid Opening 8/30/23
Bid Opening 9/20/23
Notice to Bidders (RFP): Bid for Trash Collection Container Rental and Hauling 2023-REBID.pdf
Notice of Request for Bid: Dumpsters 2023 Rebid.doc
Results: Bid Tabulation- Trash Collection Container Rental Hauling- 2023.pdf

Community Garden Phase #1

Bid Released 4/27/23
Bid Opening 5/18/23- No Bids Received
Rebid Advertised 5/24/23
Rebid Opening 6/15/23
Bid Tabulation- Community Garden 2023.pdf
2023-096 Rejection of Bid for River Road Park Community Garden Phase I.pdf

Request for Professional Services

Professional Services 2024 Specification: Professional Services 2024.pdf
RFP Released 10/2/23 NOTICE-RFP for 2024.pdf
Addendum #1 Addendum 2023-01.pdf
Addendum Sheet Addendum Sheet.pdf
RFP’s Due :11/15/23 by 4:00PM
Action: 1/2/24

Affordable Housing Professional
Scope of Work: Affordable Housing Professional-2024.pdf
Ordinance 2018-010 Affordable Housing  ORD 2018-010 Affordable Housing.pdf

Human Resources Consultant
Scope of Work:  Human Resources Consultant-2024.pdf

Engineer –Board of Health
Scope of Work:  Board of Health Engineering Services-2024.pdf

Engineer –Sewer Utility
Scope of Work:  Sewer Utility Engineering Services-2024.pdf

Engineer –Township
cope of Work:  Township Engineering Services-2024.pdf

Engineer –Land Use Board  
Scope of Work: Land Use Board Engineering Services-2024.pdf