Hike & Bike Trail

secton of hike & bike trail

The Township’s Hike & Bike trail is a total of 6.53 miles of paved trail that connects the Bedminster Village Area to the The Hills housing development and all three township parks.  The trail begins on the corner of Main and Elm Streets in the village by the “Old School”, connects the Bedminster Township Elementary School to Miller Lane Park, follows the Albert Winkler/Herbert Snyder Nature Trail, around “The Pond”, past AT&T’s Headquarters with a turn off to River Road Park or continue on past the River Road jug handle, past Verizon to Robertson Drive.  The trail continues along Robertson Drive to Hills Drive, Washington Valley Road to Burnt Mills Road and Burnt Mills Park.  From there, the newest portion of the trail connects Burnt Mills Park to River Road park and is 1.05 miles.   

The distance from the Bedminster School to the end of the pedestrian bridge at Robertson Drive is 2.6 miles.  As you travel the Hike & Bike Trail look for our over forty (40) noteworthy species of trees and perennial plants that have been identified with assistance from the Somerset County Park Commissions’ Division of Forestry.  The signs are placed in the soil at the root or trunk base of good specimens and identify more commonly found trees and plans such as the Red Oak and Teasel, to those of particular interest such as Devil’s Walking Stick.  

While enjoying Bedminster Township’s Hike and Bike Trail, remember that you are one of many traveling these pathways.  Please be considerate and courteous and follow these Rules of the Road to make everyone’s recreational experience more enjoyable.

Hike & Bike Trail Rules


Travel on the right side of the path.

  1. Cyclist, skaters, skateboards must yield to pedestrians.
  2. Signal when passing.
  3. Animals must be leashed at all times.  Maximum leash length not to exceed 6 feet.
  4. Animal waste must be cleaned up and removed by owner.
  5. No speeding or racing.
  6. No littering and leave no trace.
  7. Authorized motor vehicles only.
  8. No horses on paved pathways, bridges or crossings.
  9. Trails open sunrise to sunset daily.


Use at your own risk!