Rental Properties

Rental Properties in Bedminster Township

Bedminster Township has 20 (twenty) zoning districts that cover the 27 square mile township.  Of the 20 districts, 13 (thirteen) are residential zones, 3 (three) are commercially zoned, 3 (three) are both residential and commercial (mixed uses) and 1 (one) is for public lands. The residential zoning district that covers a majority (70%) of the land in the township is the R-10 (Residential 10 acre) zoning district.

None of the zoning districts residential, commercial or mixed uses permit short term rentals. A short term rental is considered to be any time frame shorter than 1 (one) month, this also includes weekly or daily rentals which are also not permitted.

The Hills Community has 2 (two) of the residential zoning districts, they are PRD (Planned Residential Development) and PUD (Planned Unit Development). The Hills also has approximately 10 management associations which are responsible for the 23 named development sections of The Hills. Each association has by-laws or governing documents which include language about the renting of properties. Contact your association for lease durations permitted in your section of The Hills.

The association documents have language typically stating that any lease of any unit shall not be for less than 30 (thirty) days and shall provide that the terms of the lease are subject to the terms and conditions of the Master Deed and the Master Declaration. Any Owner who leases any unit shall, prior to the commencement of such lease, immediately supply to the Secretary of the Condominium Association the names of such tenant or lessee, the term of such lease and the address of the unit.

All rentals within the township are required to register the rental unit with the township by filing a landlord registration form and obtain the required fire prevention inspection to ensure compliance with NJ fire codes. 

To register as a Landlord Please click on the Document link Below:
Landlord Registration.pdf